Sacred Birds Feather Fan
Sacred Birds Feather Fan
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These are feathers from sacred birds, revered throughout centuries by many ancient societies- from our native first nations to people in old India, in Africa and Shamans in South America.

Pheasant-  It means power and abundance in a way that is balanced /grounded.
Owl- It means wisdom and intuition, independent thinking, observance and listening skills. It also supports supernatural powers.
Duck-It symbolizes family, love, nurturing, grace, strength, and clarity
White Turkey- It means fertility and providence. It is associated with female wisdom and the protection of women and families.
Goose- Related to family, collaboration and community. It also represents our ancestors and the wisdom of future generations.
Maki- It represents intelligence, intuition and it is for those seeking truth through logical reasoning and mysticism as well. It is also graceful and spiritual.
African Gray Parrot- They are associated with intelligence, longevity, abundance and affection 
Peacock- Symbols of true love and beauty, they also represent abundance, prosperity, respect, honor, integrity and rejuvenation.