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Starseed Essence Shoppe is honored to host the elemental and mineral kingdoms. Home to healing flower and gem essences from around the world. There are many high vibrational flower remedies available for us during this special time on the planet.

We thank the elementals for assisting humanity with their healing powers.

What are flower and gem essences?

Flower essences and gem essences are vibrational remedies used to rebalance the emotional, mental, etheric bodies of humans and animals. Spiritual and emotional well being must be nurtured and healed to assist us in maintaining harmony within the human energy particles. These nature remedies help the subtle bodies and energy fields maintain balance and stay in tune with the harmony of the universe. Flower Vibrational Essences by their very nature empower us to be the very best we can be and assists us to overcome daily life challenges and to rise above them. In this way any essence can empower and activate us. A flower essence or gem elixir is the healing energy pattern of a flower or gem infused in water and stabilized by a natural solar process. Infuse mala beads or sacred objects and spaces. Essences are safe, easy to use gifts from the elemental kingdom.

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