Stephanie's Bio

Stéphanie was born in Canada, more precisely in Quebec.Her mother is from Quebec and her father is Guyanese, so she speaks English and French.

Stephanie was born with gifts of clairvoyance and universal knowledge. Her DNA carries activation codes for the New Earth. She is a channel healer and has gained access to Akashic knowledge from pastlife lives. However, feeling too different from her fellow humans, she closes the door to her faculties and gifts around the age of 5-6 years old.
She remains a very intuitive person, but it wasn't until 2012, when she became pregnant with her first child, that her first awakening began, remembering her connection to the angelic realm and her protector, Archangel Michael. She uses art as a means of reconnecting with her gifts and listens to her intuition that drives her to go to Mount Shasta. It is where she reconnects with forgotten parts of her and opens even more her channel of connection with the other planes and her galactic family. She also becomes aware of her role as Violet flame keeper.


Stephanie has incarnated in all the key epochs of evolution on Earth and feels a maternal connection with. She is committed to the integration and well-being of new children and also devotes her free time to writing and
drawing stories for them.

Aodaoin Hathaway is the founder of Aodaoin Hathaway | Dances with Dragons. She is a cosmic wayshower, priestess, healer and mystic, with a lifelong connection with Dragons, and more than twenty years of training and experience in various energy healing modalities.She works with the Dragons, the Divine Feminine, and other Universal Source energies to bring her unique brand of compassionate magic into this world, in support of her clients and community living from a place of joy.

The Dragon Bright Collection is a series of essences co-created with Aodaoin and the Dragon Realm at various sacred locations in Ireland. These beautiful essences are blessed with some powerfully transformative and supportive frequencies, gifting an uplifting expansion of light to all who wish to receive it.

Kelly Ann Finan Creator of Argentine Essences was born in Vienna, Austria and was fortunate to live in several countries around the world with my parents until we then settled in the UK. Here my passion for Complimentary Medicine began and I practiced in clinics and taught in Colleges. I now live in San Rafael (Argentina) with my husband, our adopted son and our beloved animal family! Now I’m excited to tell you why my essences are so unique compared to other ranges! The main thing that makes my essences unique is because they are so ‘personal’ !My husband and I lovingly ‘hand planted’ them over several years to create our garden/land here on Quinta Gaia! There were some established trees but other than that ‘nada’ as they say here! Hence, I know and love my ‘flowers’ intimately having chosen where to put them and who next to!Adding to this uniqueness is that Quinta Gaia has natural occurring ‘crystals’ in the land such as a variety of Quartz, Agates, Amethysts and much more! I know….. amazing isn’t it! So all my essences hold these crystal healing qualities too. Here are a few to show You! I guess a really obvious part of Argentine Essences’ uniqueness is the amount of Solar energy the flowers/trees/plants have already absorbed with over 340 days of sunshine a year in San Rafael! I captured these photos over our Red Rose as the Sun was just rising! The clear skies also permit a massive amount of ‘lunar’ energies to be absorbed too. Sharing a few photos I took of our beautiful Moon.Another really amazing part of Argentine Essences’ uniqueness is that a large amount of ‘cosmic’ energies are absorbed by the flowers/trees and plants too. Close by there is The Pierre Auger Observatory which is located on a vast plain. It studies the highest-energy particles of the Universe which hit the Earth from all directions. So all around the plain there are various ‘detector tanks’ set up to collect ‘cosmic dust’. 

An incredible amount of people who have experienced my essences have said they can actually ‘feel’ the ‘galactic energy’ in them! Also many say that my essences help them connect to their Galactic families too! I just love this so much!

Another unique quality to my Argentine Essence range is that the land has layers of Volcanic Ash from volcano eruptions in Chile over the years. The volcanic ash improves the soil quality and renews the soil productivity.

Therefore, enriching and enhancing the healing properties of all the plants, trees and flowers that grow in this soil.

Here are some photos of the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle Volcano in Chile erupting! The lightning striking at the same time is incredible!

nd here’s another photo of the same volcano from an aerial view. You can see from this particular photo how the wind blew the ash over the Andes which then reached other provinces in Argentina including San Rafael!

Now here’s something quite incredible I’m going to share with You. My family and I have actually experienced this volcanic eruption of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle in 2011 and 2012. At the time we didn’t realize how special an experience this actually was as it turned out to be the announcement of Earth’s Kundalini finally arriving in the Andes mountains.

You could probably say I left the ‘best’ part of the uniqueness of my Argentine Essence range to last as the Kundalini settling in the Andes is a historically major event in this moment of time for humanity. It signifies a new Era for our beautiful planet and all living Beings She provides a home for!

Mother Earth’s Kundalini energy also known as the Serpent of Light was once at home in ancient Lemuria then moved to Atlantis, then to the Himalayan mountains and now for the New Golden Era has settled in the Andes mountains.

Oh I could tell you so much more about the Kundalini energy but the important aspect of this is that this Divine energy is also imbued in my essences as itaffects all ‘life’ in it’s vicinity!

Argentine essences hold the Divine Feminine energies for our New Earth of ‘spiritual transformation’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘cosmic awakening’, ‘awareness of oneness’ and pure Heart energy of ‘unconditional LOVE’ and so much more! Words can’t even express how grateful and honored I am to have been blessed to have these qualities enhancing my essences to massively assist You and Yours to move into the New Golden Era. I am so humbled and honored to have All these ‘gifts’ from our Mother Earth!

So, now I’d love to share with You the symbolism of my logos over the years and how my range has evolved.

My essence range was orginally called Aeracura Essences. Aeracura is a Celtic Goddess who multi-tasks as an Earth Mother Deity and a Fairy Queen. She is the Goddess who incorporates the world of emotional/vibrational healing with Plant Spirit Medicine and her ‘symbol’ is ’ Flowers’ so fits beautifully with flower essences.

Aeracura’s colour is that of the Divine Feminine which is ‘Magenta’ or ‘Fuchsia Pink’ . She is all about ‘blossoming’ aspects of ourselves with patience so we can enjoy the process and when we take essences we are blossoming into our ‘true Selves’.

(Image from Oracle Deck – Doreen Virtue)

The logo I was guided to use with Aeracura was the Triskele. The Triskele or Triple Spiral is the oldest Celtic symbol of Spirituality and is also the Fairy Healing Symbol. It represents healing Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually so encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit to enable Personal Growth/Development. It also heals Past, Present and Future and is represents motion of Action, Cycles and Progress for Spiritual Expansion. Very powerful symbol!

In 2020 I could feel a shift in energies as I began to introduce my essences to the World more so! My range wished to be known as Argentine Essences so everyone knew exactly where my essences were made and to acknowledge the pristine environment from which they were birthed.

The logo that came to me to inaugurate Argentine Essences was of a Condor

flying across the Sun over the Andes mountains. To launch Argentine Essences this seemed perfect at the time as it incorporated all the key elements of the environment.

In 2021 a Hummingbird flew into our home and hovered right in front of my face! I felt the Hummingbird’s powerful yet gentle energy and have to admit I did get a little emotional with the blessing of this experience! Hummingbird was wishing for me to acknowledge it’s part in my essences!

So once more I found myself adhering to the calls of nature our Mother Earth and changed my logo to depict the Hummingbird along with the national flower of

Argentina the Ceibo, often known as the Cockspur Coral Tree (Erythrina crista- galli ).

I’m thrilled with my new logo and I hope You All love it too. It has a more ‘feminine’ feel to it which marries in nicely with the new energy of our planet.

In 2021 a Hummingbird flew into our home and hovered right in front of my face!
I felt the Hummingbird’s powerful yet gentle energy and have to admit I did get a
little emotional with the blessing of this experience! Hummingbird was wishing
for me to acknowledge it’s part in my essences!
So once more I found myself adhering to the calls of nature our Mother Earth and changed my logo to depict the Hummingbird and the Sun.
In 2021 a Hummingbird flew into our home and hovered right in front of my face!
I felt the Hummingbird’s powerful yet gentle energy and have to admit I did get a
little emotional with the blessing of this experience! Hummingbird was wishing
for me to acknowledge it’s part in my essences!
So once more I found myself adhering to the calls of nature our Mother Earth and changed my logo to depict the Hummingbird and the Sun.
I’m thrilled with my new logo so colorful and vibrant carrying the healing
rainbow energies!

There is a legend about the Ceibo tree that I’ll share with you. According to legend the Ceibo Tree is the soul of an Indian Queen named Anahi.

Anahi had a beautiful voice, perhaps the most beautiful voice ever heard where she lived on the bank of the river. She was rebellious and a lover of freedom like the birds in the forest.

One day she was captured and taken prisoner. However, Anahi escaped with bravery and determination she killed the guard who was watching over her. This sealed her destiny and she was condemned to be burned at the stake the very next night. Anahi was tied to a short jungle tree with wide leaves. Slowly she was enveloped by the flames.

The witnesses of her execution watched in amazement as the body of the Indian Queen gradually took on a strange new form and transformed into a graceful tree adorned with red flowers. The next morning stood a radiant Ceibo tree in full flower.

I love this legend’s energy how the feminine strength and determination transmutes the experience of being persecuted into something beautiful and much loved in the form of the stunning Ceibo tree which was then honored as a nation's emblem. I feel it’s so pertinent with the Divine Feminine energy now rising!

So last but not least by any means I’d love to share a little about the magical healing powers of the Hummingbirds and their unique connection with plants/nature.

Hummingbirds emit rays of Light to their surrounding flora and fauna when the sunlight touches their plumage.They are also ‘interdimensional’ which means they flit from one dimension to another bringing back with them to the Earth plane the higher frequencies which they then imbue into the flower/surrounding plants/trees to enhance their healing qualities!

When I learned about Hummingbirds being ‘interdimensional’ I suddenly realized why so many ‘children’ as well as adults are attracted to my essence range. The ‘higher frequencies’ the Hummingbirds imbue my essences with match the high frequencies of the ‘children’ today! This blew me away as I always thought it was because of the natural occurring crystals with all the

Crystal Children being born at this moment in time! Once again I feel blessed to have Hummingbird co-create my essences with me!

Hummingbirds are messengers from Heaven and they are guide You to which flower, tree, environment You specifically need for healing. They bring us into the present moment to be happy and joyful. Hummingbirds energies heal our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and in so doing ultimately shifts our consciousness!

I’d like to now share the story of the Condor and Hummingbird with You All so You can see how intertwined my logos are and how they evolved without my knowing it!!! That’s the best part!

Incan legend tells that there was a contest between the Condor and the Hummingbird to see who would be king. The Condor said he could fly to the edge of the sky and the Hummingbird said he could fly beyond the edge to the center of Heaven.

When it came time for the contest, the Hummingbird didn’t show up. The Condor took off and flew to the edge of the sky at which point the Hummingbird emerged from the Condor’s feathers and flew beyond to the center of the upper world where he met Wiraqocha the metaphysical god of the Andes.

Therefore, the Incas believed the Hummingbird was a messenger from Heaven. The Condor which has the position of “king of the skies” conceded its status as the primary spiritual messenger of the “upper world” to the Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird is seen as the key to the next stage of development of human consciousness.

After hearing about this legend I could understand why the Hummingbird came to me to be acknowledged in my essence range and my Condor logo to concede!

So there you have the history of Argentine Essences logos. The Goddess Aeracura continues to assist me with my essences and the energy of the Triskele’s healing properties also remain. Condor’s energies along with the mountain people’s ancient wisdom too!

Thank You All for showing interest in my range and my greatest wish is for You to have a beautiful healing experience with these precious Gifts from Nature!