I have always been drawn to natural healing. When I decided to book a session with Sandra my heart felt right, and I knew my intuition will not guide me wrong. I received so much guidance and information on that first session that I felt I was on the right path to healing my spiritual issues that were detaining my growth and divine path fulfillment. The very first day I took the essences, my communication with higher realms became constant and clear. The essences do what they are supposed to do which to me has been miraculous and my heart sings in joy when I see the results I have gotten: They have cleared my negative emotions, they have reconnected me back to the Higher Realm and have open a whole new space for instant connection with the elementals and the Masters. I am in tune with the flowers, the dragons, the rainbow energy and I am merging with my Higher Self! I definitely applaud you Starseed Essences for the magnificent work that you are doing in this world at this time of Ascension into 5D. You are a jewel and I am blessed to have come across you.

- Maria Diaz (flower consultation client)

Sandra es una persona dulce que te ayudará y guiará con las flores y esencias que necesitas , mucho amor y dedicación divina energía . Mi paquete llego tan perfectamente protegido ,bendiciones para todos . Gracias querida Sandra muy agradecida por tu hermoso trabajo de luz y amor

- Mariel Irigoytia ( flower essence client)

My experience with Sandra and the Starseed Essence Shoppe has been both a joy and a godsend. We are working on some core issues influenced heavily by trauma and from the moment we began the consultation, my spirits began to lift. The consultation was enjoyable and the report and essences came with lightning speed. I am on my second week of work with the flower essences and already I have noticed a positive difference in my overall outlook on the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra and her work. She is truly a gifted healer.

- Vicki Creel ( flower essence client )

Amazing Products

-Salwin ( flower essence client )
Thank you Sandra so much for your dedication and commitment for the better good of all my life journey and spiritual focus has Heightened with leaps and bounds so much while taking the flower essence. Again can’t thank you enough for my life changing for the better & many blessings.
- Al Green ( flower essence client) 
I have ordered several essences from Starseeds essences and I am always pleasantly surprised. They really help me to reconnect to forgotten parts of myself. Whether it's before a meditation or for daily use, they are truly miraculous! I also love the mists! My childrens too, they give courage and add magic to get through difficult days! Especially the violet flame! Thank you Starseeds Essences!
- Stellar Stef (Starseed Essence customer)
I have used two of her services and am greatly satisfied. Sandra's essences have beautiful energy. - Michelle Black (Starseed Essence customer)