Flower Essences are created by imprinting the vibration of the plant into water. Flower Essence is also called a vibrational remedy. There is no fragrance. The signature vibration of flowers is used to help shift the energy by introducing a higher frequency of energy to a person, pet, or space. Helps soothe and heal the subtle bodies/aura.
There are several different ways of creating a flower essence, each range hold the unique frequency/energy of the producer/creator. The most common way is floating the petals on the water and infusing with the sun. You can also rest a glass container of water in a bed of flowers, or nestled in a tree and you can also use the image of the of and rest a cup of water over it. Making a flower essence is a co-creation with nature and should always be treated with reverence. The same applies when creating a gem/crystal essence. A gem essence is made by setting a (clean) crystal in water. The key is using pure, clean water (preferably from a natural spring) to imprint the vibration.
Generally No, but there are exceptions. Although the Mother Tincture is made with water, it is usually stabilized/preserved with a bit of alcohol, or apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine, colloidal silver instead, these generally have a shorter shelf life. The Petit Fleur range flower essence are made in a distillery so some of them are fragrant. check them out in the shoppe.
They can be taken orally, applied onto the skin, misted into the environment or dripped into a bath. To give a remedy to small reluctant recipients, like toddlers or pets, they can be added to juice or water. Starseed Essences Sacred space and Aura mist products are made to be sprayed around you or mist them into a space, like a room or a car. There is no wrong way to work with them. It is a unique experience with each person. if you are intuitive you can feel the energy of the essence through the picture's and they intuitively guide you.
General guideline is to take 2 to 4 drops 2 x per day either under your tongue or in water. You can also apply to wrists, chakras or any place where you feel you are holding energy that you would like to shift. You can also add a few drops to your bath or your favorite body lotion, spray or essential oil diffuser to immerse your self in the vibration of the essence.
Follow and trust your own inner guidance. The elementals of the flowers speak to us. If you feel like you need to use, trust that inner guidance. As you continue to work with essences, you will become more receptible to what and how much you need to be using. Essences are not ingested like your standard daily multivitamin. Cultivate a daily intention an create a personal ritual when using these remedies, to deepen your connection to the subtle energies and yourself. Before using the essence, I like to connect to the spirit of the plant or mineral I do this while holding the essence bottle in my hand and gently tapping it 3 x to awaken the energy matrix which holds the essence. It awakens the sleeping plant deva inside. Keeping your thoughts positive while in the presence of the essence is essential. As we have seen evidence of what effects thoughts have on the crystalline structure of water through the teachings of Dr. Emoto. Essences can also be used to anoint sacred objects, like crystals, mala beads, wands or any tools you may use in ceremony, or they can also be used in a healing session which is a powerful way to work with these essences.