Ameixa (Plum)  Flower Remedy
Ameixa (Plum) Flower Remedy
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Plum (Eriobotrya japonica)

  • Fifth Green Ray, Fourth White Ray and Tenth Solar Golden Ray
  • Personality Level

    Plum floral essence works for people who cannot coordinate their thoughts, feel a lot of inner turmoil. They lost control of their own mental, through dark manipulation. This type of manipulation contaminates the victim with residues of high mental toxicity. It is a pernicious mental manipulation on the person or on a large group, thus disrupting their lives. This type of difficulty also arises, in most cases, after absorption of chemical residues through the skin or by ingestion (at work, handling or ingestion of pesticides, chemical bombs, animal poison, etc.). This absorption by our organism causes the deformation of the etheric body. People who are born with severe deformations in the physical body (twisted bodies) demonstrate that their etheric body is undergoing malformation. People who contain high rates of toxic products in the physical organism are doomed in the next life to be born with a deformed physical body, due to the deformation of the etheric body. This body, which will be the mold of the physique, in the next incarnation. The floral Plum comes to heal (Fifth Ray), removing the supraphysical residues of toxins in the subtle bodies (Fourth Ray), bringing people back to healthy living, aligned in perfect harmony with the Divine Light (Tenth Solar Golden Ray).

    soul level

    In the floral Plum one perceives the mental cure to reach the balance of the mind, allowing the appearance of the true inner knowledge through the Green, White and Golden Solar Rays. In a mental disorder, one can, through the Rays, consciously reprogram old attitudes or thought patterns, nullifying manipulations and embracing a Greater reality. In this perception, the Higher Self releases old concepts already overcome, for the recognition of new ones, with a Greater Divine Force. Plum comes to encourage the highest frequencies of thought force to be projected into creative endeavors, not amenable to any manipulation. Also keeping the physique healthy, for the Greater spiritual work plan in perfect harmony with the Light.