Andromedan Goddess Andara Remedy
Andromedan Goddess Andara Remedy
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Andromedan Goddess Andara Remedy
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Andromedan Goddess Andara Essence is made with a monotomic crystal that has named itself  " Andromedan Goddess "

" Andromedan Goddess "  monotomic andara Essence.

This andara came through with an Andromedan light frequency and a female energy that I communicated with during its creation.

She named herself " Andromedan Goddess "
Her name, is the tone of a celestial melody that played in my mind as I transcribed her message. As I heard this melody play...I started to record:

An image of a her riding a pink Andromedan dragon. This essence carries this divine pink Andromedan dragon frequency as well. I have felt this energy before, as I have worked with the dragons of Andromeda and they assisted me during a major time of transformation in my life. It felt like a full circle, as this energy came through into my being and world once again.

There is a deep feeling of love and grattitude as this being rides the dragon and in my minds eye 👁 as she appeared there also appears as a huge luminous ball of crystal white and gold sparkly light with a pink glow around it.

It was a frequency of Divine Love and I felt my heart chakra expand and the  ball of light expanded in unison with my breathing.

These are stellar Andromedan frequencies of light and with the melody it was as if I was listening to the heart beat of our universe.

She explains:

I carry the resonance of the heartbeat of the universe, in unison with the heart beat of mother earth, she receives these stellar frequencies of light, by and through the starseeds of earth.

I assist the unawakened and awakening Andromedan starseeds to reach these higher frequencies and to enable,  prophetic dreams, esp, and telepathic communication with their star families that are currently assisting their children fulfill their missions and awaken to who they really are. These starseeds are rarer than others, they need rescue and assistance.

Andromedan starseeds are here to assist others in the awakening process, they carry 12 dimensional frequencies within there Merkabah/ Soul Monad,  once activated they become transmitters of this frequency.

As this ball of light kept communicating with me. I saw the silhouette of 3 rather tall white Andromedan beings.

One of them takes his finger and puts it in the ball of light and starts to flick  these flashes of light towards me. As these flashes reach me, I could feel my energetic bodies tingling. I sensed my higher self and felt a download of light through the crown. I felt my chakras light up especially the third eye and heart chakra. There was a hue of golden pink light and a melody pulsating through me.

As I focused on the Andromedan Beings, the 3 became 4 and the feminine Goddess energy joined them.

They showed me that the light they sent my way was symbolic of the energy infused within the essence, a flicker of light to ignite the Andromedan starseed.

Healing properties:

Opens the crown, third eye and heart chakra
Activation for Andromedan starseeds
Instills feelings of joy and love
Assists and activates clairaudient and telepathic and esp abilities
Unites ones spirit with the higher self.
Communication with Andromedan star families