Bear Animal Remedy
Bear Animal Remedy
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BEAR has been one of my main animal guides all my life. As well as being a huge protector BEAR has come to me in my dreams to guide me at challenging times. I also connect with BEAR when doing shamanic journeys so again another of my favourites!
One of the first healing properties that came through was ‘patience’ at which I laughed as this life time learning patience is one of my main lessons!
Here are the healing properties -
- grounding and strengthening
- instills courage and replenishes you with power
- instills patience, confidence and knowing who you are and what you want
- helps you face ‘challenges’
- teaches and reinforces boundaries
- gives protection
- helps you appreciate sweetness in life
- great essence for ‘teachers’, ‘careers’ of children or animals
- useful for ‘cave times’ when need to be alone to heal and go within
- helps you find your ‘truths’
- encourages playfulness/have a sense of humor
- helps one recover from abusive relationships and stand in their power