Blue Lotus Flower Remedy
Blue Lotus Flower Remedy
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Blue Lotus (Nymphaea stellata)

Brings intense awareness; Intense internal transformation; Make way for enlightenment;

Clearing all chakras.

First Ray – Tenth Solar Golden Ray – Twelfth Opaline Ray

Performance of these Rays in the performance of the Blue Lotus

First Blue Ray graduated from Green and Pink

Tenth Golden Solar Ray – Solar Peace and Comfort

Twelfth Opaline Ray – Hope and Inspiration

“In this moment of profound change, reunion and intense awareness, comes the floral Blue Lotus, with the powerful irradiation of the Blue Ray, of the Solar Gold and Opaline, releasing the power of perfection that is within each Being where the obstruction of the Light simply dissolves and disappear. It brings a deep cleansing of disharmonious and limiting experiences.