Bumble Bee Remedy
Bumble Bee Remedy
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When I made Bumblebee we had a ‘zonda’ (strong winds) which is symbolic of ‘change’ for the better and there was a Sun and Mars Conjunction too. These two fiery planets are joined in the area of the sky known as Hasta Nakshatra symbolized by a ‘hand or fist’.
These beautiful powerful energies are imbued in my Argentine Bumblebee essence:
- activates the ‘warrior’ You to help clarify what You are fighting for in Your life
- enhances confidence and courage
- energizing and revitalizing
- activates the ‘fire’ energy in You to manifest your dreams wisely
- encourages You to use Your voice and speak Your TRUTH, Self-Expression
- helps You accomplish the what seems to be impossible
- helps You enjoy the sweetness of life
- assists You to prioritize Your goals/make time for Yourself
- assists You to reclaim Your self-identity, boosts Self-Love and Self Esteem
- enhances abundance and prosperity