Condor Animal Remedy
Condor Animal Remedy
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Condor Animal Remedy
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Sharing today our Argentine CONDOR essence. When my husband and I first arrived in 2006 we drove up to Las Lenas which is the ski resort here and on the way we were fortunate to see not one but two Condors fly right in front of us while driving up the mountains! A sight we’ll never forget! They are spectacular birds and now we have a Condor Sanctuary in Valle Grande just up the road from us so we often see these ancient birds gracing our skies!

Sharing a little more history -

“Condors are a very ancient creature. Science tells us they lived side-by-side with Saber-tooth Tigers. 

When Condors meet a strong wind, they are not deterred. A Condor’s wings face those airstreams with confidence; this creature’s mastery of the Element of Air and provides more symbolic value. Air cannot be seen. It is free and unpredictable. As the wind changes, so goes life. If you want to know where the winds blow, ask Condor spirit.

People throughout the Amazonian basin respect Condor as one who communicates with spirits. He represents the soul’s progression toward spiritual ascension through the lessons of many lives. Condor masters the weather bestows wisdom and vision and inspires the psychic art of prophecy.”

  CONDORS are also a symbols of Power, Health and Devotion. The condor was considered one of the most sacred birds that tied the earth and heaven together. The condor is considered the king of the skies and he carries the dead to the underworld. Condors represented the Gods of the air to the Incas and they believed that condors carried prayers and received answers from the Gods. Native Americans believe that the condor represents goodness, justice, leadership, and wisdom – the four values. 

Healing properties of Argentine CONDOR essence are -

- rebirth and renewal

- assists one to overcome anything that is holding you back

- helps to release addictions, negative mindset

- assists you to connect to your Divine Self and receive guidance

- holds protective energies

- wonderful essence to enhance ‘meditation’

- assists one to maintain boundaries and take back control of your life

- deepens your connection with nature

- assists one to gain their ‘freedom’

- gives you ‘courage’ to be bold

- energizing and uplifting

- assists you during major life changes helping you to make right decisions for your destiny

- helps to ‘space clean’ your environment to obtain clarity

- assists you to ‘balance’ your life with work and play

- helps balance ‘spiritual’ with the ‘mundane’

- impart the new earth energies of the Kundalini to help you during Ascension

Why are they unique?

The Condor Has a Very Distinctive Look!

Both sexes have the iconic bald head, however, males are much larger than females, have yellow eyes, and spot an eye-catching white ruff at the base of their necks.

Females on the other hand, have no ruffle and have red eyes.

5 facts about Andean condors:

  • Condors are one of the largest flying birds in the world. ...
  • They have a wingspan of up 3.2 meters! ...
  • The Andean condor is Chile's national bird and is part of the country's coat of arms.
  • Due to their weight and size, condors prefer to fly in windy areas.
  • They mate for life, generally producing one egg every two years between February and May.