Cosmic Unicorn Essence
Cosmic Unicorn Essence
Cosmic Unicorn Essence
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Cosmic Unicorn Essence
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Cosmic Unicorn is the 1st essence created for the " New Earth" Collection. New Earth collection is a variety of gem and flower essence combos, infused with Andara essences and channeled transmissions and activations from the galactics, angels and ascended masters and cosmic beings.
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Cosmic Unicorn is the 1st essence created for the " New Earth" Collection.

New Earth collection is a combination of gem and flower essences, infused with The energy of the Avatars and Gods & Goddesses and Cosmic this combo we present Pegasus and the Cosmic Unicorns.

All essences are co-created with the Divine. A tool for the awakened Light Warrior Starseed to enable him or her to sift through the changing energies with ease, flow and connect to the rainbow light frequencies.

The Unicorns are here to remind us of the " Pure of Heart ". Protectors of the innocent, these high vibrational sentient beings bring into our frequency the purest stream of unconditional love and light. They radiate their  majestic rays onto our world during these times to help us remember the true magic that lies within all of us. When this energy flows through us, heals the inner child, the one we left behind battered, abused and broken. Their healing energy helps us bring in the scattered remnants of our soul, also known as soul retrieval, they assist and bring us back to a state of purity. a frequency which ignites the flame within the secret chamber of our hearts. It is an honor to work with these beings of light, for they are here in answer to the call of Mother Earth 

The Cosmic Unicorn Tribe is a group of Unicorns that come in with high dimensional frequencies to infuse the earth with their divine love. With the guidance of Pegasus these unicorns are here to assist humanity and  soften the energies for young starseeds that have awakened into world fear and death and torture. Recently many Unicorn themes are popping up in cartoons, movies and apparel.

 They come in with the 7 Ray Activation for humanity. They recognize and see us by the light emitted from the crown chakra. Our spinning chakras are beacons of light for the Unicorns. A long awaited reunion with the rainbow warriors on earth.

" We unite with thee now in the realms of light, we bring forth healing and love for all the inhabitants of earth, We activate the light through the crown chakra, your light shines bright , like millions of halos shining in the night, like beacons of flickering lights we recognize you beloved ones, for many eons ago we inhabited the realms of light together, we carry you to the light of distant suns, flying you through dimensions known and unknown, our universe is vast, and our universe is pristine in the image of the creator. Let there be light! 

The light of the Cosmic Unicorn tribe, descending now upon earth, To assist humanity in the rising of your highest self, the shedding of the old world, the old ways, The victory in the light as we harmonize with the music melody of the heavens. This lovely melody we leave with you today, a melody that emanates through your casual body  to your light vehicle or Merkabah. The unicorn horn sheds its magical stardust onto your entire being and world as we lift you to your highest height. Beloved soul of light, your destiny awaits, as you ride with us tonight" 

Contains essences of Opal, Silver, Diamond, Gold, Tanzanite andara essence, Magnolia de Yeshua.

Opal: replenishes expended energies within the subtle bodies; fills our aura with brilliant opalescent colors; stabilizes and fills the light body; helps us understand our mission

Tanzanite Andara: carries the blue and violet flame energies (see Violet flame andara)

Gold: stabilizer, energizer of the subtle bodies. Used as essence enhancer.

Silver: Aligns us to divine will; Useful for removing blockages in the crown chakra. Assist with clarity of thought, and as a thought amplifier, diamond aligns one closer to the thoughts associated with the higher self and to the actual higher self. The etheric body is more aligned with the physical body, which intensifies the ability of the life force by draining off negative patterns.


Magnolia  De Yeshua - Magnolia de Yeshua was made on 6/22/21in sunlight. after " "Yeshua " Master of Peace. Essence of peace, Divine love. the flower's message:

                                          " Let me light The Way " 

Yeshua says " Let me soften the edges and lighten the load that has weighed down your heart throughout this lifetime " 

 This essence helps us access our inner value to tap into our knowing and be filled with joy, wisdom as a source of creative power.

Unification with the higher self; acceleration of light within the 4 quadrants of being, illumines and replenishes the light body.

Ingredients: Mountain Valley Spring Water, brandy, Unicorn rainbow energy from the Unicorn Tribe.

Gem essences: Opal, gold, diamond, silver, tanzanite andara

Flower essence: Magnolia De Yeshua 

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