Creosote Bush (Jarilla) Flower Remedy
Creosote Bush (Jarilla) Flower Remedy
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Here in Argentine the Creosote bush is called ‘Jarilla’ ( the letter J is pronounced like and H) and grows wild everywhere in the campo. It has a very distinct smell and it’s used as a herb in several different way but mainly in flavouring meat.
Indigenous people relied on creosote as a 'cure-all' plant with wide reaching
Ethnobotanical notes mention creosote was used as a cure of fever, colds, stomach pains, a general pain killer, diuretic, arthritis, sinusitis, anemia and an anti-diarrheal. Creosote bush is also antimicrobial.
The Creosote flower was almost the national flower of Argentina as it is used so much here and found everywhere but it was decided that the Coral Cockspur or Ceibo as it’s known here would be their national flower.
When I made this essence Merlin actually came in to assist along with Lord Kathumi! There was actually quite a lot going on when this essence was made lol it’s quite a powerful one!
Here are the healing properties of Argentine CRESOTE Flower Essence -
- assists one to retrieve ancient wisdom
- powerful space clearer
- enhances your survival instincts when feeling lost and needing guidance
- helpful when feeling ‘abandoned’ or ‘alone’ knowing it’s time for introspection
- helps one maintain their boundaries
- very protective essence
- helps you stand in your power as master of your own destiny!
- powerful connector to the Earth/Mother Earth
- helps with forgiveness of self and others
- helps one out of the state of ‘victimhood’ and ‘martyrdom’
- great when needing a boost of confidence and self-esteem
- assists one to be successful in their endeavours
- great essence to cleanse auras
- wonderful environmental cleansing essence