Heatwave Remedy
Heatwave Remedy
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I was urged to make this essence during a heatwave here in San Rafael where I currently live! I was surprised my guides were so insistent but then when tuning in to the essence I was amazed at the healing properties.
The first thing that came through was a memory of when my husband and I used to fly in a Native Canadian of the Cree Tribe to hold Sweat Lodges on our land in the UK. For those of you who don’t know what a Sweat Lodge is - it is symbolic of the ‘womb’ of Mother Earth where ceremonially powerful healing takes place using heated rocks. The healing is for 7 generations before and 7 generations to come! For me personally I found the healing in the Sweat Lodges the most powerful I’ve ever experienced! Not for the faint hearted that’s for sure .
 And actually it was in one of the Sweat Lodges my husband and I were guided by Mother Earth to move to Argentina! I was shown a Coral Snake and my husband a Black Eagle (at least that's what he thought it was but it was a Condor!) Quite incredible really looking back now and there's more to this story which I have shared with a few already 
So, here are the healing properties of my Argentine HEATWAVE Essence -
- assists You to heal/purge the past on all levels and help heal the future!
- helps one manifest a higher sense of Self
- weakens the ego allowing You to just ‘BE’
- helps one be in a dreamlike state to access wisdom of Self
- pulls our energies ‘outwards’ so our consciousness can go ‘upwards’
- helps you become ‘still, present and empty’ so your energies can join the powerful Solar/Cosmic/Source energies of Oneness
- allows You the opportunity to elevate into a Higher State of consciousness
- assists you to reunite with Your Divine Self/ the Divine I AM,
- helps You be who You came here to Be in the knowledge of support and Love from Source
- powerful manifesting essence for your current incarnation of all Your dreams
- assists with Spiritual awakening
- assists You with Ascension energies and incorporating new Kundalini energies!
Just love this essence and such a beautiful essence for ‘now’!!