Honeysuckle Flower Remedy
Honeysuckle Flower Remedy
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HONEYSUCKLE again as we are finding many people are drawn to ordering this flower essence recently and we believe it's mainly due to the medicinal properties they are sensing. HONEYSUCKLE flower essence protects You if or when you might have any of the following -
- upper respiratory tract infections
- a cold, flu, pneumonia, all viral infections, fever....
- protects Your aura from all negative energies .... so for example in large crowds shopping or in a hospital, school environment etc...
And here is the story of how Argentine HONEYSUCKLE flower essence came into being along with some more healing properties 
When I first started making flower essences, HONEYSUCKLE was the second essence I made ... many moons ago now!! My husband and I ended up planting quite a few HONEYSUCKLES here at Quinta Gaia .... aside from their beautiful perfume they are evergreens so add some beautiful green colour to our land during the Winter months!
Here are some of the healing properties of our Argentine HONEYSUCKLE essence -
- assists when feeling in limbo and can't imagine life improving
- when feeling nostalgia of how life used to be....
- calms anxiety especially in children when away from parents... (helpful for children now going back to school...I made a dosage bottle for my son who started school again yesterday! Beautiful ally!)
- assists one to be able to enjoy 'new' experiences
- helps induce positivity and alleviate feelings of 'stuckness'
- brings more hope into the present along with confidence for better future
- assists those feeling 'weighed' down with emotions .... which could induce any weight challenges....... and more......!