Argentine Hummingbird Remedy
Argentine Hummingbird Remedy
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Argentine HUMMINGBIRD Essence -
This was one of the first animal essences I made as I was so enamoured by the beautiful emerald green hummingbirds we have here!
Most of you would have already read the story behind my logo why I changed from the Condor to the Hummingbird (if not please do search and enjoy!). I have had several precious experiences with Hummingbird over the years not knowing at the time how incredibly important they are for our planetary ascension.
Hummingbirds are symbolic of lightness and joy, freedom, reminders to be playful and childlike. They hold the energies for you to enjoy ‘miracles’ in your life! They fly moving their wings in the pattern of the infinity symbol, therefore, symbolic of ‘eternity’, ‘infinity’ and ‘continuity’.
Hummingbird also carries a message of ‘leadership’, ‘initiative’ and that ‘self-realization’ is needed.
Healing properties of Argentine Hummingbird Essence -
- remind us that ‘happiness’ lies within us
- to find the positive blessings/sweetness in challenging circumstances
- assists with all emotions associated with grief and loss
- helps with all emotions associated with ‘mental health’ issues by improving a person’s mental health state
- helps you be ‘adaptable’ and accept the reality of ‘change’ with a happy heart
- helps you look for what’s good in life, seek out the ‘magic’
- enhances your ability to be tenacious and persevere in life to attain your dreams
- nurtures your dreams
- help manifest more ‘joy’ and ‘abundance’
- help you be more present in the moment and live life to the fullest
- purifying, cleansing on all levels
- brings in higher frequencies from other dimensions raising one's vibrational Being
This is a very precious essence which just keeps revealing more healing properties as recently Sandra my lovely US Distributor shared with me that Daniel Maple of Wild Earth Animal  Essences uses Hummingbird essence as a powerful ally to mitigate any negative effects of the vaccine and virus!
For years my Argentine BABY ACORN and FORSYTHIA essences have been used to protect babies/children and adults from any harmful effects of vaccines or viruses and I'm excited to share with You that I am in the process of making a blend along with my Argentine HUMMINGBIRD essence which You will be the first to know when it can be ordered! 🙂