ISIS Divine Presence Essence
ISIS Divine Presence Essence
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The Isis Essence is a Blessing from the Great Mother. She has promised to all people that her presence will be felt upon the Earth.

With this Essence Isis calls upon all those who are ready to come forward to stand up courageously, both emotionally and spiritually, and promises she will shine on them her Light of Lights that will illuminate their dark places. Isis is calling you to her, as she wants to take your emotional pain, anger, shame, blame, fear, grief and despair. In its place, she will bring love and courage.

When you go inside any such dark place and come out, you feel freed and rejuvenated. All this merely from looking at and going into your emotional pain - allowing it to be held and opening that aspect of yourself to receive love to heal it.

The Isis Essence is about hope and upliftment. It enables us to know and feel the protection and the love of the Divine Feminine, both around and within us. We can draw this to us, so as to be strengthened and nurtured, especially in times of turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty.

Many of us carry old, deep woundings. This Essence can empower us by assisting us to access, release and heal these aspects. We can have our emotional pain and places of negativity from trauma being transformed and healed - a massive shift at a very deep soul level.

Positive Outcome:

  • Allows you to feel the presence, protection and love of the Divine Feminine

  • Illuminates our inner dark places where we store our pain and suffering

  • Creates hope and upliftment

  • Replaces aspects of our wounded self with love and courage

  • Helps you to draw love into yourself in times of turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty

  • Enables you to access and release wounding in your soul arising from the Spirit world, this and other lives

  • Transforms places of negativity arising from trauma

  • Integrates any separated, emotionally cut off parts of ourselves

  • Helps heal places of our emotional pain

The Divine Mother calls to us to allow that love in to help heal these deep, long hidden places or emotional wounds. They can arise not only from events in our childhood and this lifetime, but even from prior lives. Many of us have found ourselves in earlier times that were horrific – war, genocide, or scarcity of love. Some wounds can even occur during the spirit’s journey coming through the dimensions to incarnate, as it takes form into this world of matter.

There are many Light Workers who suffer as a result of these emotional wounds but who are able to separate themselves from them, compartmentalize them, in order to serve. When they are strong enough, or with the help of the Isis Essence, they will be able to call these separated parts back.