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Merlin Remedy
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Argentine MERLIN Remedy

Over many years MERLIN has been a very supportive and loving ally for me and so no surprise when I was guided to make his essence!

MERLIN has been and still is very prominent at the moment assisting with our Ascension. He brings in the Rainbow Healing Energies and is very connected to Nature and ancient Sacred Sites.

MERLIN’S Cosmic role today is Lord of Civilization. A beautiful title earned from incarnations as St Germain and Joseph Jesus’ father.

This essence contains the ‘different’ flames of healing and is enhanced by the Violet Flame Dragons along with the Rainbow Dragons and of course Merlin’s Dragons too!

Merlin’s Mystical Fire holds magical flames in vivid shades of Blue, Green, Deep Orange, Yellow, Violet, Purple and Red.

Healing properties of MERLIN’S essence are -

- helps you re-connect with and trust the magic within you

- helps you be a co-creator from and of the Light

- cleanses, transforms and transmutes all negative energies of all kinds using the ‘rainbow flame’

- assists you to achieve inner freedom

- profound healing using ‘vortex healing energies’

- eternal flame connecting ‘eternal you’ / Oneness / Source

- beautifully powerful space clearer for the planet, your home, aura, car ...

- helps you connect with ancient wisdom

- helps heal ‘male’, ‘masculine’ figures in life/ancestry to do with authority, rigidity or abuse

- assists with karmic clearing

- infuses LOVE energy into your Heart

- clears pathway for Your highest Self

- assists during life changes to stabilize energies/grounding

- very supportive and motivating