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NEW Argentine REVIVE ME Blend !
When You're running around, socializing or entertaining guests/family, travelling, lacking sleep whether it be now with Christmas looming or any time it's needed this blend will absolutely assist You 
My Argentine MORNING GLORY flower essences is a powerful essence to help reset Your body clock when burning the candle at both ends! 
 My Argentine WILD ROSE helps You 'go with the flow' and my ORANGE blossom revives You when feeling shattered by everything lifting Your spirits!
My gorgeous RED JAPONICA energizes You and OLIVE will also replenish You on all levels!
Here are the definitions to these beautiful allies:
Awakens one to 'new awareness' and strengthens Your ability to 'speak', 'share' and 'shine' in the World.

WILD ROSE flower essence and her healing properties -

- assists to relieve repressions, stabilize emotions

- helps you find your next 'adventure', move into the next chapter of your life!

- grounding and empowering of Self

- assists you to go with the 'flow' of life

- helps you be still and trust that all you need will come to you in divine timing

Orange blossom - brings Hope and Enthusiasm; anti-depressant, helps relieve stress and nervous tension/anxiety.