Tanzanite " Violet Flame " Monatomic Andara Remedy
Tanzanite " Violet Flame " Monatomic Andara Remedy
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Tanzanite " Violet Flame " Monatomic Andara Remedy
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Flood your energy bodies with this transformational essence infused with Tanzanite Andaras violet ray of the ascended master St. Germain and blue flame from Archangel Michael and you have a powerful and unique tool.
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This gem elixir is made from authentic monotomic Andara crystals from Nellie's Ranch in Mt. Shasta. This particular Andara holds the frequency of the Violet Flame with St. Germain & St. Michael. Activates communication with St. Germain. and Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is everyone's favorite brother and the one closest to the earth to assist mankind. Michael always reminds me to tell everyone that you must make the call for the angels to assist.

Set an intention with this elixir hold the bottle in your hand for a few second, connect with that secret chamber of the heart and ask for communcation.

This elixir allows you to tune to the presence of St Germain and The Captain of the Lord Archangel Michael.

Flood your energy bodies with this transformative essence. Infused with the frequency of  Violet Ray and Blue Flame from Archangel Michael. 

A powerful tool to assist you with:

Strengthening and amplification of the tube of light/silver cord

Activation and amplification of the 3-fold flame within the secret chamber of the heart. Transmutation of negative or stuck energy within the four lower bodies and the electronic belt and all the chakras. Violet flame is blazing in this elixir.

Thank you, St. Germain.

Violet Flame Mantra:

I am a being of violet fire , I am the purity God Desires ( Repeat 3x or 33X )

When one has generated about himself this Electronic Belt or Ring, there is no power that can penetrate it except Divine Love. It is only your consciousness of Divine Love that can penetrate within this Great Inner Blazing Belt of the Godhead, through which the Godhead sends back to you Its Great Outpouring….When you have touched and seen within this Inner Circle, you will then understand how imperfect is the present expression of Divine Love. Once one becomes consciously aware of these Great Spheres to which he may reach, he will find himself fearlessly reaching deeper and deeper within the Radiance of this Mighty Intelligent Hub of the Universe—from which all worlds, all creation have proceeded.
There are among you strong, dauntless, fearless souls who will understand this and be able to use it with great blessing to themselves and others. There are those who will understand and see that the “Presence” which beats each heart is God in Action; that the Activity sending the circulation through the body is God; that the Essence charging forward to vitalize the outer form is God in Action.
Then, O Beloved Students, awake to this—now! Do you not see how great a mistake it is to sink under the ignorance of the outer self, feeling pain, distress, and disturbance, all created by the ignorance and activity of the outer self; when a few moments of earnest contemplation will cause one to realize that there can be but One Presence, One Intelligence, One Power acting in your mind and body, and that is God.
You see how simple, yet powerful, is this Consciousness within you to loose the full recognition of the Great, Pure Activity of God into your mind and body; and to let its Wondrous, Transcendent Essence fill full to overflowing every cell.
Excerpt by Beloved Saint Germain from Discourse 3, The “I AM” Discourses, Volume 3
For The “I AM” Discourses, Volume 3, or any of the Saint Germain Series, visit:


Monatomic Andara Crystals are a soul enhancing, high vibrational healing tool that works on all levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual. The process creates a unique healing experience, individual for each person, assisting him or her in releasing unwanted energies while moving toward their next evolution of truth, and back to original divine consciousness.

Since Andara crystals were first discovered, many people working with them have experienced major shifts in their lives. Richard B., a medical intuitive, in Vancouver, WA, writes, “…the individual using the Andara crystal is able to raise their own vibration to match, receive, and mediate the higher frequencies. Meditating with Andaras, using gem elixirs made from them, carrying them, and working with them in other ways will help us to attune to them and increase our ability to use them as tools for healing and the science of exploring our consciousness…”