White Cobra Flower essences
White Cobra Essences Remedy
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Queen White Cobra Essences was made on the first day of spring under the healing energies of a full moon in pieces and the sun was in Virgo—both signs of service! Therefore, one of the healing properties of this essence is to help you re-evaluate how you might be of service in the world.

I took QUEEN WHITE COBRA Essences and was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly ‘gentle’ and ‘nurturing’ she is! I did find that I couldn’t get warm after taking the essence, and it hadn’t occurred to me that I was literally feeling the snake energies in that way. It was quite amazing!

Then, about 2 weeks after taking QUEEN WHITE COBRA Essences we had some strong Zonda winds here bringing in the hotter temperatures, and I was outside under our gallery (because of the winds) leaving a message for a friend when a Coral Snake (second most poisonous snake in the world!! ) poked it’s head out from behind one of our outside sinks and slithered right in front of me!!! I froze in total disbelief, as for all the years of living here, I have never seen a snake! Seriously, what are the odds? This is a whole other story as to the reason this happened and the message therein, but needless to say, the Coral Snake went in a straight line and went onto the neighboring farm—phew!!

Anyhow, here are the Healing Properties of Argentine QUEEN WHITE COBRA Essence:

- protective energies
- renewal and new beginnings
- assists with all life changes
- enhances your determination, courage and confidence
- assists you to take action at the right time
- helps you ‘shed’ your old skin and move into change for the better
- Cobra will push you to accept new things in your life
- assists you to ‘think’ first before you ‘act’
- helps you heal childhood traumas of all kinds
- assists one to ‘mature’ and feel