Yellow Daffodil Flower Remedy (Moonlight)
Yellow Daffodil Flower Remedy (Moonlight)
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This essence was created the non-cut method during a Full Moon. The sky was clear and full of stars. This was the one and only DAFFODIL that had bloomed coming out of our Winter. The perfume was unusually strong filling the night air which is what got my attention to make DAFFODIL"S essence!
The healing properties are the same as DAFFODIL flower essence I made in the day time but, charged with the 'moonlight' giving some extra qualities -
- assists You to complete goals/projects
- helps You realize all You desire in life
- enhances 'clarity'
- boosts Your confidence and self-esteem
- helps You get in touch with Your 'innermost Self'/'True You'
- nurturing and protective
- helps You 'stand up' for Yourself / what You believe in
- strengthening and stabilizing
The Mother Essence was so incredibly fragrant even though I used the uncut method...pure magic!